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    Bullguard and Chillblast surveyed 1,000 gamers and found some interesting traits during this time of lockdown. They have increased their gaming to help with lockdown anxiety, relieve boredom and block out what is going on in the world.

    A massive 84% say they have increased their gaming and 27% say they have increased their gaming by an extra 5 or more hours a day. That’s not 5 hours a day gaming, it is an increase over what they normally do by 5 hours.

    73% of gamers reported spending more money than usual on gaming and nearly 17% said they were spending an extra £100 a month ($124) on games, like in-app purchases, hardware and so on.

    All this gaming is taking a toll on people though. One in five admitted to skipping showers, 29% haven’t been outside for 3 days or more, and 16% have skipped cleaning their teeth. Take a break! Look after yourself!

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