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    One of the ways of earning an income from blogging is affiliate sales. Products and services can be promoted in blog posts and when people click the link you provide, you earn a little money. The price is the same to the buyer and it is the company that pays you.

    This is fine and there is nothing wrong with affiliate sales. However, some bloggers and websites go too far in their efforts to get sales and they write reviews of products that they have not even used.

    You can write about a product or service and that is ok, but a ‘review’ implies that you have tried it. Some sites have been found to review things they have not tried.

    This is highlighted in FTC Crackdown on Fake Review Site, which looks at one example and the consequences of fake reviews.

    Write about things, but only ‘review’ things you have actually tried yourself. Don’t make stuff up!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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