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      I was reading an interesting article at Search Engine Land about making web content better for the visually impaired.

      I wonder how many people do this or even think about it when creating their blogs and websites. I am not visually impaired (except for reading glasses), but I often find websites and blogs difficult to read. Usually the problem is using light grey text on a white background. There just isn’t enough contrast to read it.

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        You aren’t the only one that has problems with modern website designs. Some of them almost seem deliberately difficult to read. It seems to be a modern design trend that lots of sites use. It’s almost like they thought, “How can we make this harder to use?” I’m sure they didn’t, but that is the end result – small text, thin fonts, light colours and so on, all make sites hard to read and use.

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          Some websites must be impossible to navigate if you are visually impaired. I’m thinking about those sites that fill the screen with adverts, pop-up GDPR and cookie notices, and email subscriptions. You cannot actually see the content on some sites. It’s bad enough when you have normal vision!

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            I got an email from Google recently saying that the text on my site was too small to read. I think it’s because I have Google search Console and it checks for things like this. I had used CSS to make some text x-small and I think this triggered it, so I changed it to small instead.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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