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      There seems to be a movement towards making everything smart, but do we need this and are smart devices really the best? After seeing a Swan Smart Kettle review recently, I was left wondering whether the world is going mad.

      Apparently, according to the review, the Swan Smart Kettle can work with Alexa and can be activated using your voice. You can say “Alexa – turn on the Swan kettle” or “Alexa, pop the Swan on” and it will turn on and boil the water in it. (My other half often shouts two or three times to get our Alexa speaker to do something, so there’s no way I want add an Alexa-powered kettle to shout at too.)

      Why bother with the complexity of voice control for a device as simple as a kettle? Do you need the built-in touch-screen display panel, when you can simply flip a switch on a traditional kettle with a finger? The effort required to manually turn on a standard non-smart kettle is trivial in the extreme.

      Maybe you can turn on the kettle from a different part of the house, so that by the time you walk there, the water is boiling. However, do you even know whether there is sufficient water in it?

      It’s not like the kettle is cheap either, and at £99.99 from Amazon, it is several times the price of a kettle with a switch you can flip with your finger.

      Smart devices can be useful, but a smart kettle is just going too far in my opinion.

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