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    Roland Waddilove

    It is often said that headings are really important in posts on your website and that you should have one and only one H1 tag at the top of the article. Below this there should be H2, H3 and other headings. It was thought that having no H1 tag headings or having multiple H1 tags would confuse Google and lead to poor search ranking.

    This is wrong. Google stopped looking at the style of text a long time ago and these days it works out the meaning of text, not how it looks.

    It does not matter whether a heading is big or small, bold, italic, underlined and so on. These attributes are not important. You can have multiple H1 headings or even no H1 heading.

    What matters is that you have headings. A heading at the top describes the article. Headings within the body of the article describe the next section. It does not matter which HTML tag you use.

    So stop fretting about whether you are using the right HTML tags for headings and just focus on what the headings say. Use headings to describe what’s coming up in the next part of the post.

    Here is a useful article on the subject: H1 Headings: Over 50% of SEOs Doing it Wrong? (searchenginejournal.com)


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