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    I often see comments in Facebook groups for bloggers complaining about the price of web hosting. What usually happens is that people only see the offer price when shopping around for hosting and immediately sign up.

    Hosting is great until the renewal bill lands in their email inbox. Then they are shocked by the amount it costs to continue with the hosting plan. Some people either cannot or do not want to pay that much for hosting and then move elsewhere, which is a hassle.

    Hosting companies promote the offer and highlight the low cost of signing up, and you cannot blame them for that, but you do need to look carefully at what it will cost when the initial sign-up offer runs out.

    Here is one of Siteground’s offers, the middle of three – StartUp, GrowBig and GoGeek. The price that stands out is the offer for new customers – £4.95 a month (UK price). It sounds good, but you should look at the regular price below, which is what you will pay when the intro deal runs out, maybe after just one year.

    Web hosting plan

    The regular price is (UK) £14.95 a month. That is three times the intro offer and not so cheap. Look again and below that, you will see that it excludes VAT (sales tax) that we pay in the UK, so you have to add 20% to the price.

    The actual price you will pay when it comes to renewal is £17.94, which is a long way from the headline figure of £4.95. Don’t get shocked by renewal fees when buying website hosting. Work out what you will pay after the introductory offer.

    I used SiteGround here as an example, but it applies to all web hosting companies. New customers get a special deal and you really need to work out what the renewal fee is. Don’t forget sales taxes if they apply to you.

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    Don’t forget that the freebies you get when you sign up to new web hosting may have to be paid for next year. For example, you often get a free domain name and a renewal fee must be paid every year. Add that to the hosting cost.


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