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    Roland Waddilove

    I have been playing Designer City on my phone recently and it is a lot of fun if you like city building games. It runs on Android phones and the iPhone and it is free. It is not one game and there are actually four of them:

    • Designer City: Space Edition
    • Designer City: Empire Edition
    • Designer City: Building Game
    • Designer City 2: City Building Game

    They are all the same in many ways, but they are also different. The gameplay and game design is identical across them all, but they are set in different time periods, so the Space Edition is set in the future and has a lot of technology and the Empire Edition is set in the past when life was simpler and more basic. The time period affects the content, but the gameplay is the same.

    Designer City game app on an Android phone

    There are no aims, no targets or goals, no-one to come and plunder your resources, and no waiting for hours or days for things to be built or upgraded. You are free to do as you please.

    You start off with some money and you add houses to attract people to your little village. They need a place to work, so you add businesses and the village becomes a town. Businesses generate an income, which can then be spent on growing the town into a city.

    As the city grows and more people arrive, it brings problems. It depends on the age the game is set in, but you may need power stations, wind farms, and other power generators. Waste becomes a problem and waste management services must be added.

    People are unhappy living near power stations, waste disposal services, factories and similar places, so you must add features to cheer them up like parks, trees, flowers, playgrounds, monuments and statues, and so on. People also need schools, hospitals and medical centers. Police and fire services are also required.

    There are many ways to view your Designer City and you will spend a lot of time analyzing pollution maps, police, fire and medical coverage, making sure people are employed, have power and water, even air in the Space Edition, and above all happy. It is all about balancing the needs of the city.

    Screenshot of Designer City game app on an Android phone

    Designer City is a casual game that is played for short periods whenever you feel like it. You cannot play for long because you quickly run out of money for building and upgrading, and must wait for the businesses to generate more.

    I like this game a lot and have tried three of the four. I wasn’t keen on the Space Edition, mainly because I found it hard to tell one building from another. The others are great fun though.

    Cities grow slowly, but the game is never boring and there is always something to do whenever you play it. If you want to build your city faster, you can buy money and gold, but I found the pace of the game adequate without spending anything. It’s up to you.

    If you want to play these city building games, just search for ‘Designer City’ in your phone’s app store.

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