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    I am always curious to know how much time people spend on their blog. Is it a full time job or just a part time or occasional hobby?

    How often should you blog and how many posts do people usually do each week or month?

    How long should blog posts be and how many words do you need to write to make a post successful?

    Perhaps the most important question, at least for me, is how much money bloggers make. The answer to that depends on who you ask and it can vary a lot. If you ask bloggers who treat their blog as a hobby, or if you ask newcomers to blogging with a fairly new site, the answer is often close to zero.

    There are pro bloggers that earn a lot and some earn over $100,000 a year. However, this is rare and I have seen surveys that say less than 5% of bloggers earn this amount, maybe only 2%.

    125 Blogging Stats That Matter The Most is an interesting article with lots of statistics. Bear in mind that this site is aimed at bloggers that either are making money or want to and the statistics probably don’t cover all bloggers of all types everywhere. It is probably just a subset. It is still very interesting though.

    You need to provide an email address to read the article. I keep a second email just for signing up for things on the web and don’t use my main email.


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