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    A common problem that almost everyone experiences is that the computer is super fast when it is new, but it becomes slower and slower over time. It takes a couple of years, but an old computer slowly dies through being unable to run the latest software.

    No matter how much faster the hardware becomes, software just soaks up all the extra performance.

    I was recently looking at the applications on my Apple Mac and was astonished to see that Microsoft OneNote is 1.03 GB! It is a note-taking app, a place to jot down ideas and bits of information you want to remember for later. What on earth is it doing? Why does it need 1.03 GB of code? That is a crazy bloated size!

    Maybe I am just getting old, but I remember when apps used to be a few megabytes. I know modern apps do so much more these days than they used to, but even so, a gigabyte of code just to store notes?

    There are alternatives of course and I like the Joplin app that you covered recently. However, that is still a whopping 429 MB. How did apps get to be so big? I am on the hunt for a cross-platform notes app that does not run into hundreds of megabytes of code.

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    Roland Waddilove

    OneNote is unusually large and most other notes apps are much smaller. If you don’t like the size of the OneNote app on your Mac, you could use the web app instead. Go to OneDrive.com and click the grid of dots in the top left corner. Click OneNote and you can use it in a browser, so no software is needed. The App is better, but the web app in a browser has everything you need, it is just a little bit slower.

    Simplenote by Automattic (the people behind WordPress) is a very small app on the Apple Mac, just 23 MB. It can be accessed on the web and there are apps for Android phones and iPhone.

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