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    There are many ways that malware can get onto your computer and one common method is the fake installer. What happens is that the malware author takes a popular program installed and adds malware code to it. They then distribute the modified installer on the internet.

    As you are browsing the web, you might see a link on a dodgy website, an ad with a link, a pop-up saying you need a particular program or add-on to continue browsing and so on. You are then prompted to download and install the software, which contains malware.

    Zoom has massively taken off in 2020 and hundreds of millions of people have installed it. Malware creators have noticed and have produced an installer that contains malware, see Backdoor, Devil Shadow Botnet Hidden in Fake Zoom Installers.

    Never install anything from a pop-up message on a website, beware of links on websites, don’t install from third-party websites. Go to the company or developer and download software directly from them.

    For example, get Zoom from the Zoom website, not someplace else on the internet where the installer could have been tampered with. It is much safer and it will save you a whole heap of trouble with malware.


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