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    Apple TV is struggling and there are several problems: Subscribers, content and covid.

    Netflix stock is up 62% in the last year and paying subscribers are up 20% in the last year. The number of subscribers is now approaching the 200 million mark and may well pass it soon. Netflix has gone from strength to strength. It is soaring high and on the crest of a wave.

    Apple should have bought them a long time ago when they were cheaper instead of trying to compete with its own Apple TV. I wonder, does Apple TV have any paying subscribers? Obviously it has some, but the numbers are likely to be quite low.

    Apple isn’t saying how many paying subscribers the service has, but it has been free for me since launch in November 2019 because I bought an iPhone and it looks like it will continue into next summer. It was supposed to be free for a year, but then the free subscription was extended for another three months till March this year. Now there are reports that people are seeing their free subscription being extended until July 2021.

    Apple TV was launched a year too soon with too little content and it didn’t make a great impression with streaming TV users used to having hundreds of shows to choose from.

    Covid has made things worse by stalling the production of new shows, so the amount of content on Apple TV has not grown as fast as Apple predicted when it launched the service. To be fair, if you have never seen Apple TV, the amount of content looks OK and there is plenty to watch, but people like me who had it since 2019 are starved of things to watch. As soon as there is something new, we watch it and then there is nothing else to watch.

    How long can it continue? Apple has plenty of cash and is one of the richest, maybe the richest, company around, but is it just wasting money?

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