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    Apple Arcade is coming soon, maybe it’s here if you are reading this in a few months time, but right now there is a lot of speculation over the price. It is being tested to a few lucky people at 49c a month, but don’t imagine for a second that that is the real price. No, that’s just for beta testers.

    News has surfaced today (source) that the actual price will be $4.99 a month for Apple Arcade. That seems very cheap for unlimited gaming with no in-app purchases or other additional costs.

    Could it work at such a low price? Well, there are two ways to price things and you can sell a small number of items at a high price and make a big margin on them, or sell a lot of items at a low price and make a small profit on each one. It works out the same in the end.

    It seems like Apple is going for low price, high volume and making a small profit from each user, but having lots of users. If it could get a million subscribers for example, it would have $4.99 million coming in each month to share between itself and the game publishers.

    Is that number possible? Yes. I am not much of a game player, but at that price I am tempted.

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