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    Roland Waddilove

    If you set up fingerprint recognition on the Samsung Galaxy S10 Android phone, it has been found that anyone’s finger can unlock it.

    The Galaxy S10 has an in-screen fingerprint reader that works using ultrasonics to scan your finger and the problem appears to be that if you put a screen protector on the phone, it messes with the fingerprint recognition. Basically it thinks everyone’s finger is a match.

    The problem does not seem to affect the phone without a screen protector and it may be only certain screen protectors that cause problems.

    If you have set up fingerprint recognition and have a screen protector, test it. If it recognises your left thumb, try your right thumb, or get a friend to try it. Remove the screen protector if any finger unlocks the phone.

    A software fix will hopefully come from Samsung to fix this, but in the meantime, beware of screen protectors.

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