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    The iPhone has a physical switch on the side to silence the phone, which is useful when watching a movie at the cinema or if you are in a meeting at an appointment and so on and do not want to be disturbed. You can just flick the switch and you will not be interrupted or annoy people around you with ringing sounds and notifications.

    The problem is that sometimes when I take my iPhone out of my pocket, I find that the switch is set to silent. Either putting my phone in my pocket or getting it out, I must catch the switch and silence it.

    How many hours has it been silenced? Sometimes I get half way through the day and realise that I have had no calls or notifications. I check my phone and that switch is off. That’s the reason no-one has been contacting me!

    To me, it is like a design flaw because it is too easy to flip the switch accidentally. Android phones do not have a physical switch, at least I have not seen any. While I can see that it takes an extra step or two to wake the phone and tap a button to silence it, it it not something that can be done by accident.

    I wish the iPhone didn’t have the physical switch. Does anyone else have this problem?

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