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    AirTags are useful for tracking things like suitcases, backpacks, keys and other items you might lose. They could potentially be used to track people too. All you would need to do is slip an AirTag into someone’s bag or coat pocket without them knowing and they could be tracked.

    Apple thought of this and after three days of an AirTag being out of range of your iPhone, it would make a sound. This has two purposes and the first is that it helps lost items be located. If you hear a bag beeping, it could be lost and you could help find the owner.

    The second purpose is to alert people that they are being tracked, perhaps without their knowledge. The problem is that three days is too long and if you wanted to track a partner for some reason, they could go out all day, come back and not know they were being tracked. They could even go somewhere, stay overnight, come back the next day and still they would not know they had an AirTag on them and they were being tracked.

    Three days is simply too long, so Apple has said that the time until an AirTag makes a noise is being reduced from three days to 8 to 24 hours. It’s a bit vague, so maybe it’s random, so it could sound off at any time after 8 hours. That is enough to alert someone that they have an AirTag on them and they are being tracked.


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