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    Roland Waddilove

    While the computing world moved to 64-bit processing years ago, Android phones seem to be stuck with 32-bit apps. However, things are changing, slowly, very slowly.

    A 64-bit version of Chrome browser for Android phones has been talked about since the middle of last year (2020). Now we are well into 2021 and there have just been one or two reports of users getting 64-bit Chrome on their phone.

    Do you have 64-bit Chrome? Type chrome://version into the address box to find out.

    See which version of Chrome browser is on an Android phoneAs you can see, my phone is still running the 32-bit version, but some people, only a small number at this point, see the 64-bit version.

    What do you need to use it? I have heard that it only runs on Android 10 and above, which is fair enough, but a big problem could be the amount of RAM in the phone. I have heard reports that it requires a phone with 8 GB of RAM. Any less and you will continue to use the 32-bit version of Chrome.

    Unfortunately, 8 GB of RAM in phones is not common, so if this is a requirement, then most people will not get 64-bit Chrome. At least not until they change their phone.

    It is not clear why it would need so much RAM, after all, 64-bit Chrome runs on desktop computers with just 4 GB of RAM. Open dozens of tabs and the computer grinds to a halt though, so perhaps that is the reason for sticking to 32-bit Chrome on anything less than 8 GB.

    Check your phone. Do you have 32-bit or 64-bit Chrome? What are your phone specs?

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