Cure writer’s block fast: Free online tools for PC and Mac

How often does your writing suffer from writer’s block? If you struggle with this problem, then you should try out these free online tools. They’ll help you overcome writer’s block and get back into the flow of creating great content.

You’ve probably heard of the term ‘writer’s block’ before. This is when you don’t want to write anything, or when you can’t come up with ideas for new posts. Writer’s block happens to everyone at some point, but it can be really tough to deal with.

There are lots of ways to beat writer’s block. One way is to use a tool called Anki. Anki is a flashcard program that helps you memorize vocabulary. The other option is to use a mind mapping software such as MindMeister. Both of these programs are free and they both work well.

There are too many online tools to help you write blog posts, work documents, marketing, advertising and promotional articles to cover here and the focus here is on free tools by Frase.

Frase is an online content writing tool that uses artificial intelligence to create articles for you. It does a lot of the hard work in researching and writing all manner of online content for websites and other purposes and it has a good feature set.

If Frase pricing is beyond your budget, the website provides free access to many tools and they are very useful. They don’t replace the full service, but if you have writer’s block and can’t think of what to write, there are some great free tools to help you overcome the problem.

Blog Title Generator

The first problem you may experience with writer’s block is coming up with a great title for the document, article or blog post. The free Blog Title Generator can help with that. All you have to do is enter a word or two, like the keywords you want to target. Drag the Creativity slider from 1 to 5 to determine how creative the AI should be and then click Generate.

Frase blog title generator tool
Create blog or article titles from keywords

It could not be simpler and the result is a list of title suggestions. I entered ‘writer’s block’ and got these suggested titles:

  • 8 Ways to Get Over Writer’s Block
  • 6 Creative Techniques That Will Help You Solve ‘Writer’s Block’
  • 3 Tips on How to Deal with Writer’s Block When Working in a Team
  • 9 Ways to Get Rid of Writer’s Block in 15 Minutes or Less
  • 13 Ways to Get Rid of Writers’ Block
  • 5 Ways to Get Rid of ‘Writer’s Block’
  • 5 Ways to Get Over Writer’s Block
  • 5 Ways to Get over Writer’s Block
  • How to get out of writer’s block
  • How to get rid of writers’ block

This is a pretty good list of titles and providing you know what topic you want to write about, the Blog Title Generator will help you get started. If you don’t like any, you can generate more. You don’t have to use one, but at they very least, you will get a lot of ideas.

Blog Introduction Generator

Coming up with a great title is a start, but knowing what to write is the next problem you will face. It is perhaps the toughest issue and actually beginning typing can be so difficult. The first few paragraphs need to grab the reader’s attention and they set the tone for the rest of the article.

Frase blog introduction generator
Generate a blog or article introduction from a title

If you are struggling with writer’s block and cannot start, the free Blog Introduction Generator can help. This tool requires you to enter the title of the article or blog post you want to write and you can use your own, but if you are really stuck, or lazy, you could enter a title from the Blog Title Generator. Enter the title, drag the creativity slider from 1 to 5, and then click the Generate button.

The result is three paragraphs of text that you can use for the introduction to your article. Once again, it is incredibly easy and the results are good. Skip back to the start of this article. The first three paragraphs were created by Blog Introduction Generator and were just copied and pasted into this article.

It is very easy to get started with an article using the title and introduction generators and while the rest of the article is up to you, it is a great help.

Paraphrasing and rewriting tools

Sometimes you write something and think that it isn’t very good or you wish you could say it in a better way, maybe more concise or more descriptive or to hit a specific word count. You might want to re-use some text from elsewhere, but don’t want to copy it exactly, you want to say the same thing, but in a different way.

Frase paragraph rewriter tool
Rewrite paragraphs with this free tool

There are a couple of useful free tools: Paraphrasing Tool and Paragraph Rewriter. Both tools are limited to a paragraph of text and they will not rewrite whole articles for you. However, you can join two or three short paragraphs into one long one to get more from these tools.

To use them, copy a paragraph of text from your article and paste it into one or the other. The Paragraph Rewriter has a creativity slider so you can adjust how created the replacement text is. Click the Generate button and the while paragraph is rewritten. The resulting text is designed to say the same thing, but in a slightly different way.

Paraphrasing Tool works sentence by sentence. Each sentence of the paragraph is highlighted and an alternative way of saying it is displayed. You can choose to accept it or skip to the next sentence. It gives you more control over the rewriting and some sentences can be changed, but others left alone.

These tools are more clever than simply using a thesaurus to find alternative words and the results can be interesting. If you cannot think of the best way to say something, paste your text into the tools and see what they come up with.

AI Content Generator

If you are creating a listicle, AI Content Generator can help to get you started. What is a listicle? It is an article that contains a list. For example, the best places to visit in Italy, 6 of the best cookie recipes, 10 easiest house plants to grow, and so on. It is a common type of web article and one that is very popular with readers.

Frase AI Content Generator online tool
Generate the start of a listicle article with AI Content Generator

All you need to do is to enter the title of your article into the AI Content Generator, set the creativity slider and then click Generate. The first three items in the list are generated for you. They are numbered, 1, 2 and 3, they have a title and they have a paragraph of text describing the item.

The remainder of the list is up to you, but it is a great way to get started with a listicle and it can overcome the writer’s block you may be experiencing.

Writer’s block cured

These free tools from Frase are just writing aids and they cannot do all the work for you. However, they are a big help when you cannot think of a title for an article or blog post or how to get started. At the bare minimum, you will have a title and introduction. Then hopefully, they will provide you with the inspiration to continue and if you get stuck or don’t like what you have written, the paragraph rewriter and paraphrasing tools can help you polish up the text.

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