Create online surveys using Excel and collect responses

If you want to know what people are thinking or doing, ask them. The easy way is with an online form. Create one with the free Microsoft Excel web app and collect responses in a worksheet.The Microsoft Office web apps are free and can be used on a Windows PC, Apple Mac, or Linux PC. They work everywhere and provide many of the most used features in the full desktop Office suite.

A great feature in the Excel web app is the ability to create surveys that ask people a series of questions. The survey can be shared with anyone using email, messaging, and it can be put on a web page.

It runs in a browser as a neat little form and the answers are automatically stored in an Excel spreadsheet. This makes it easy to see the responses to the survey and to analyse them, print them and so on.

Let’s take a look at creating a simple Excel online survey. You can try it out afterwards.

1 Office web apps at OneDrive

Create an Excel survey at

Go to and sign in with your Microsoft account if necessary. If you have been there before you will simply go straight to your online space. I am using a free account here and an Office 365 subscription is not required.

Click New and select Excel survey on the menu.

2 Survey introduction

Create an Excel survey at the OneDrive website

An introductory screen appears which outlines what you need to do to create an online survey using Excel. Just click the Got it! button to proceed.

3 Add survey questions

Enter questions using the Excel online survey at

This is what the survey creator looks like at the start. Click the title and description to add your own, then click the blank question to begin creating your survey. Fill in the form that appears on the right to create a question.

Add questions in the Excel online survey maker at the OneDrive website

Click Add New Question to add as many questions as you need. Click Response Type to choose the type of answer that is expected from the user, such as Text, Number, Yes/No and so on. There are seven different types of response that can be collected by a survey question.

4 Share the survey link

Share the URL to an Excel online survey

When the survey has been built and all the questions have been added (proof read it!), click the Share button down at the bottom of the page. A Share Survey box appears containing the link to share. Copy it and save it somewhere.

Paste the link into emails and messages, share it on web pages and social media – wherever you want. When people click the link, they can answer the survey. They don’t need to be Office users or have a Microsoft account. It works with anyone.

5 Take the survey

An Excel online survey in Chrome browser

Here is what my little test survey looks like in a browser. You can take the survey and try it yourself by clicking here. It is simple, it works well and the whole thing took only five minutes of my time. Even a long and complicated survey wouldn’t take much more than 10 or 15 minutes.

6 View the survey results

Results of an Excel survey in Excel

The responses from the survey are stored in a sheet in an Excel workbook on the OneDrive website. Go to OneDrive in a browser and click the file to open it in the Excel web app, which is actually quite good if your needs are simple. Each question appears in a column and the answers are in rows.

Results of an Excel survey in Excel

Click the arrow button for a menu and the responses can be sorted and filtered.

This is a great utility for Microsoft Web apps and I’m sure you are wondering what surveys you can create using it. The possibilities are endless and it would be easy to gather opinions, customer satisfaction surveys and much more.