Create a smart logo for your blog or business with DesignEvo in your browser

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but visual impressions do count for a lot and creating a great logo for your blog, business or website is essential. DesignEvo is a free online tool that works brilliantly.

DesignEvo is a logo designer for people that don’t have the time to spend with a design application creating their own personal artwork from scratch. It is for people that don’t want to or cannot afford to spend a lot of money employing a graphic designer to create their logo. It is also for people that are not good at design because it makes designing easy.

I am all of those! No money, rubbish at design, no time and so on. However, I had a logo in a few minutes with DesignEvo.

Create your blog or business logo in minutes

Go to the DesignEvo website in a web browser and click the button on the home page to create a free logo.

Create a logo at the DesignEvo website

You can start from scratch with a blank sheet or you can browse the large collection of ready-made logos and select one that is close to what you want, then customise it.

The logos are organised into categories like food and drink, fashion, lifestyle, technology, travel and so on. Select one and use it as a template. Every element in it can be customised.

Choose a ready made logo as a template at the DesignEvo website

After selecting a ready-made logo, you are prompted to enter the blog or business name, and the slogan, or bumper sticker as some people call it. This replaces the dummy text in the logo that was selected.

Add a title and slogan for the logo at the DesignEvo website

The logo appears in the editor in the web browser and is ready to be customised. A panel on the left shows a list of fonts and there are some art-type fonts on a separate tab.

Changing the style of the text is straightforward and clicking once on an object selects it and double clicking a text object makes the text editable. You can select the text with the mouse or keyboard and then click a font in the list to apply it.

Clicking a font without selecting an object adds a new text box to the logo design. Clicking an object selects it and then the handles at the sides can be dragged to resize it. Text is resized by dragging the handles.

Create a logo at the DesignEvo website

An objects can be selected, whether it is text or an image, and then the colours can be changed by selecting new colours from a palette. The background colour of the logo itself can be set or it can be made transparent. Object fills and outlines can be coloured, and text can be coloured.

Select objects and set the colour from the palette at the DesignEvo website

Objects can be selected, resized, rotated, coloured and moved, but there are also predefined layouts, such as displaying the text below or above, to the left or right of the graphic object.

Select the Shape tab on the left and several collections of objects are available, such as badges, decoration, lines, solid and outlined shapes, and banners.

Clicking an object thumbnail in the panel adds it to the logo and then it can be resized, recoloured, rotated and moved with the mouse.

Add shapes to your logo at the DesignEvo website

DesignEvo supports layers, so an object can be selected and moved up or down the layers to make it appear to be in front of or behind other objects in the design

When the logo is finished and you are happy with it, it can be downloaded and saved to disk. It downloads as a zip file and this contains .jpg and .png images, plus a .png image with a transparent background.

DesignEvo is free and the only requirement is that you share a link to the website on social media, your blog or elsewhere to help get the word out. It is a great online tool that is perfect for the artistically challenged.

RAW Guides Logo designed at the DesignEvo website

If you need a logo and don’t want to employ someone to create it for you, DesignEvo can be used to make one in a few minutes. It is recommended.


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