Create a logo for a business or website with a web designer

Every business and website needs a logo to help customers and visitors recognize their name, brand, company, or blog. It establishes an identity. Create a logo with Fiverr’s online tool.

From NASA to McDonalds, logos are everywhere and seeing them instantly conjures up images in your mind of everything from rockets to burgers. Having a good logo for a business, website or blog is important for branding, especially when your business or site grows more popular.

There is no end to companies and individuals offering to design a logo for you, but how do you choose the best one?

Imagine if you could ask dozens of designers to design a logo based on your specifications. Even better, make each designer produce multiple variations of their logos. You would end up with hundreds of designs in a multitude of variations to choose from. Now imagine you only have to pay for the one you like and want to use. For everyone else, well, that’s tough luck.

This is basically what Fiverr AI Logo Maker does. You tell it what you want by entering a few details, then it instantly produces hundreds of logo variations from dozens of designers based on your description. You can browse the collection of logo designs and you only have to pay for the one you like.

It is a fascinating tool to play around with and if it turns out that you don’t like any of the logos, which is unlikely given the huge number of variations, you don’t have to pay. It costs nothing to design logos, so try it and see.

Let’s take a look at how it works. This is an online designer that runs in a web browser, so it does not matter whether you use a Windows PC, Apple Mac, Linux or Chromebook. It works on all of them.

1: Fiverr Logo Maker website

Fiverr logo maker online design tool
Create a logo with AI Logo Maker

Fiverr Logo Maker is an online tool that runs in a browser. It is free to use, although you might need to create a free Fiverr account to get through all of the steps. Open your browser and go to the site.

2: Add a brand name and slogan

Create a logo with Fiverr AI Logo Maker
First steps with AI Logo Maker

The first step is to enter the company, website or blog name. This is usually one, or two words at most. Then enter your slogan, sometimes called your bumper sticker. This can be several words, but it is important to keep it short. Don’t enter lengthy text.

3: Select your industry

Describe your brand for the logo creator
Describe your brand

In this step you must describe your brand by selecting keywords. Click in the Select your industry box and start typing. This produces a list of suggestions, from which you can select a keyword or phrase. Add up to three different keywords for this list.

The next box is optional, but useful. Enter the elements you would like your logo to include. As a tech website, I chose computer and phone, but you can suggest pretty much anything that you want the design to include.

4: Configure your brand’s attributes

Add personality to Fiverr Logo Maker
Define the brand’s personality

This next step is interesting and you define your brand’s personality. It is basically a set of attributes that affect the design of the logo, such as classic vs modern, fun vs serious, traditional vs innovative and so on. Think about how you want your logo to appear and what effect you want to have on your customers or site visitors.

5: Browse the logo designs

Logo thumbnails with Fiverr AI Logo Maker
Logos from designers

A page of logo thumbnails appears almost instantly and it takes almost no time at all. I counted 60 logo thumbnails from dozens of designers. All the designs I looked at had multiple variations and some offered almost 50 logo variations. Click a thumbnail to see them.

6: Browse logo variations

Design variations with Fiverr Ai Logo Maker
Logo variations

This particular designer offered 47 different logo variations. There were logos in several colors with transparent backgrounds and many more with colored backgrounds.

Fiverr Logo Maker logo deisgns
Different logo designs

The logo variations are not just transparent or solid backgrounds, but different color schemes. Some logos have a completely different design. The two screenshots above are variations from the same designer. I just scrolled a bit further down the list.

Thumbnail images are on the left, and on the right is how your logo could look in different places, like on a website, on business cards, on an app on your phone, on a coffee cup and so on. If you don’t like any of the designs, just go back to the collection of designer thumbnails and choose a different design.

This is as far as you get for free. If you decide you want one of the designs, click the Buy & Download button at the top of the page. It costs US $30 for high quality PNG images or $60 for the pro pack that includes print-ready files, SVG source files and a few more.

I like this online tool a lot and it is great if you want to create a logo for businesses and sites. I did not see any free logos, but the price is reasonable. The benefits of this are that you get to see hundreds of logo designs, you can start again and choose different keywords and attributes to get hundreds more designs, and you don’t have to pay for them if you don’t like them. Just buy the one you like.

(In case you’re wondering, I get nothing from this post. I just like exploring online tools.)

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