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It is good to set yourself targets and to have ambitions, so make yours to grow your website or blog and make it a huge success! These courses and resources are designed to help you grow your site and earn money.

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  • Earn an income? See how to make the most of advertising, affiliates and more!

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Boost website visitors in 7 days!

See your business growDiscover the techniques that will dramatically increase traffic to your website or blog in this 7 part course. Make it a success with design tweaks, SEO tricks, promotion and more.
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Start your site: WordPress basics

Create a new post in WordPressIt’s the tech that powers millions of successful businesses, blogs and online stores. Learn the basics of building a WordPress website in this multi-part course. Begin here.
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Create a pro business site or blog

Working on a MacBookBuild a pro site that will wow your visitors, build traffic and begin to earn an income. Step by step from choosing a web host to installing WordPress and plugins, Google AdSense and Analytics.
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Profit from Google AdSense

Pile of money, coins and notesGet accepted by Google AdSense, choose the ads for your site, block unwanted ads, and display ads to earn an income. Make your site a valuable source of income and make a profit.
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Increase search traffic with SEO

SEO - search engine optimisationHow to use SEO to enable your site to appear higher in Google, Bing and other search engine results, but where do you start? Get on-page SEO right to make your site search friendly.
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Automate social shares

RobotSave time and effort posting to social media by scheduling your shares with automation tools. Post more often, reach more people, while freeing up your time for other activities.
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Successful social media promotion

Social media iconsMake social shares look fantastic on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Maximise social shares with an expert posting plan. Discover places you never thought of to promote your site.
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Expert guides in action

Here is my site stats for just one month – December 2017. With page views of around 270k I’ll hit a million page views just four months into 2018.

December website traffic for

How did I do it? I am putting everything I know into these courses so you can boost your traffic and make your site a success. Believing in yourself and your site is the first step!

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