Choose secure passwords for yourself and other WordPress users

This online course shows how to secure your WordPress website from hackers and malware. Keep your site safe.

Your WordPress website is a target for hackers and malware, and one way they take over your site is by guessing your username and password. What can you do to stop them? Let’s take a look at the security measures you need.

Choosing secure passwords is a great way to improve the security of your WordPress website, but not everyone uses one because they can be inconvenient. For example, Yhf%4edHuyR3! may be an excellent password, but it is impossible to remember.

For this reason, people often choose simple passwords when creating online accounts for websites. They pick a word that is easy to remember and often use a familiar password that they use elsewhere. One password to rule them all!

This is great for hackers!

If you do not have any security plugins on your WordPress site, you probably are not aware of how many people or bots (automated programs) try to gain access to your site through the account login form.

You may get dozens or even hundreds of login attempts every single day of the week. People and bots constantly guess usernames and passwords. Let’s take a look at what you can do to guard against them.

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