Boost website visitors in 7 days! Online Course

Increase traffic to your website with this 7 day course

This 7-day course will help you to make your website or blog a success by showing you the techniques people use to grow their visitors. Increase the traffic to your site with these tips and techniques and get more engagement from your visitors. This could lead to more sales of your products or services if your site is also a business.

There are seven parts to this course and it is is designed to be taken in seven days. Each part is concise and gives you an overview of what you need to do.

Implementing the methods for boosting website traffic will take you a lot longer than seven days. They are ways of working that you will use not just once, but daily, forever.

How soon will you see the traffic to your site increase? That depends on many factors but some people could definitely see an improvement in seven days. Most of the methods are for long term growth that is permanent, rather than a quick boost that fades away as quickly as it arrived.

Course Contents

Day 1: Make your site easy to use for visitors

Day 2: Provide useful information in your posts

Day 3: Focus on on-page SEO to improve search ranking

Day 4: What to do after publishing a post

Day 5: Promote your site and posts with Facebook

Day 6: Promote with Pinterest to boost visitors

Day 7: Other places to promote your posts and site


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