Best Chrome extensions for SEO

The on-page techniques you must use to optimise your website for Google search and get more visitors

Getting your website to the top of Google search rankings is hard, but these SEO extensions for Chrome will make the task easier. The best SEO extensions for 2017 are here and they are all free.

There are many SEO extensions for Chrome and not all of them are covered here. Some extensions the Chrome Web Store no longer work or they have been abandoned by their authors and have not been updated in years.

Even among the tools here, there are some that are old and even the newest ones have features that do not work.

This is because SEO extensions often rely on getting data from online services and when they shut down, that feature in the extension no longer works. Compete, a web traffic analysis website, shut down only recently. This means the Compete rankings and charts in these extensions no longer work.

There isn’t a single extension that is perfect, but that does not mean they are not useful. In fact, I would not want to be without the first couple. They are essential for analysing websites and web pages.

What are SEO extensions for?

1 Analyse your own site and find faults

These extensions are great for analysing the pages on your site. Use them to find problems like missing image alt tags, missing meta descriptions and so on. Missing information like this will negatively affect your search engine ranking.

Besides highlighting problems, these extensions show ranking, such as Alexa. The lower your Alexa number, the more popular your website is. You will never get to number 1 because the ranking includes sites like Google and Facebook, which have billions of users.

Fix the flaws and your website will perform better in search results. It will also increase your site’s Alexa and other rankings.

2 Examine other websites

You can learn a lot by analysing other websites in your niche. They might be doing something that you are not, they may have more visitors, they could have better meta tags, more internal links, and so on.

Analyse sites whenever you can to see what you can learn, then apply that knowledge to your own site.

You can even tell where other sites get their traffic from, such as search or social media. This can give you clues that show how you might increase your own website traffic.

Analyse competitors and use that information to improve your own website.

Alexa ranking is not a perfect tool and it is not 100% accurate. A low ranking site (with lots of visitors) does not mean a site is making a lot of money. Sites ranked higher (with fewer visitors) than yours could be making more than you.

(I’m assuming a low ranking site is one with a low number. Low numbers are good when it comes to Alexa.)

However, Alexa ranking is still a useful tool for comparing your site’s popularity with others, such as rivals. Aim to lower your Alexa rank number and get it lower than your rivals.

Let’s take a look at the best SEO extensions.

Open SEO Stats

Open SEO Stats extension for Google Chrome

Open SEO Stats is a one of the best SEO extensions and is a favourite that is always enabled and ready to be used. Visit a website and click the toolbar button to open a panel that displays a wide range of information on tabs.

On the SEO Stats tab is the Alexa traffic rankings and these indicate a site’s popularity. You can also see how many pages have been indexed by the major search engines.

The Traffic Stats tab shows charts for Alexa traffic over six months or two years and you can see the growth or decline of visitors.

The Site Info tab shows whether robots.txt and sitemap.xml are present. Security indicators from WOT (Web of Trust), McAfee and Norton show whether the site is safe.

Page Info shows meta information for the page, usage of titles, and other statistics. Page Speed shows how fast the page loads.

Open SEO Stats is a a great SEO extension for analysing your own website and competitors.


SEOquake Google Chrome extension

SEOquake is another brilliant Chrome extension and it gathers and presents a lot of valuable information about a website and the web page you are viewing.

By default, it overlays an information bar across the top of the page. This is useful when you are analysing pages, but annoying when you are browsing the web for fun. It can be turned off easily though.

Clicking the toolbar button opens a panel with many tabs for showing various statistics. There are five tabs and Parameters shows the Alexa rank, Google index, Bing index, and SEMruns rankings.

The Traffic Analytics tab is interesting and it shows the number of visitors the site gets, number of pages viewed by a visitor, time spent on the page and bounce rate. Traffic sources shows where people come from, such as direct, referral, search and social.

The figures may not be absolutely perfect, but they are close judging by a couple of sites I know, so this information is very useful when analysing competitor websites.

Buttons across the top open a new browser tab to display information like meta information, keywords and keyword density, internal and external links, and much more. It is an excellent resource.


SEO META 1 CLICK extension for Google Chrome

The SEO META 1 CLICK Chrome extension analyses the current web page and displays information on five tabs.

The Summary tab shows the page title, meta description, meta keywords, author, publisher and a few other things. The Headers tab lists the headers, starting with h1 tags and working down.

The Images tab shows the number of images and highlights those without an alt or title information. This is useful for checking that your own pages have the necessary tags. It is easy to miss them.

Links shows the total links and internal links, and the number of links without a title tag. Use it to check your own pages for missing SEO information and make a note to edit the page to fix it. The Social tab shows the Facebook OpenGraph information and Twitter info.

This tool could be used on other sites, but it most useful for checking that your own pages have the right information for SEO.

Quick SEO – PageRank, Backlinks & Alexa

Quick SEO extension for Google Chrome

Quick SEO doesn’t look impressive at first sight when compared to the other tools, but the small window that appears when the toolbar icon is displayed contains links to get more information.

Some of the the items in the window open a new browser tab and show free tools and information at the RankSignals website, others open the Alexa site and Whois.domaintools.

The extension has not been updated for several years and although it has some useful information, other extensions are better.

Web Rank SEO

WebRank SEO extension for Google Chrome

WebRank SEO provides similar information to other SEO extensions and clicking the icon in the toolbar opens a window.

It displays the Alexa and Quantcast rankings, Facebook likes, Google+ +1s, StumbleUpon and LinkedIn shares. It shows a chart of Alexa daily traffic, and the number of pages indexed at Bing and Google. Website security indicators from WOT, SiteAdvisor and Norton show whether it is safe.

Buttons across the top open a new browser tab to show SEO analysis, Whois lookup, and a site comparison tool.

This is an OK tool, but there are better ones like SEOquake and Open SEO Stats.


MozBar SEO extension for Google Chrome

MozBar is often listed as an essential SEO extension, but the information it provides is really quite straightforward. It is useful for checking your own site and for seeing what other sites hide in the code of their pages.

It displays a bar at the top of the page and this shows the domain authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA).

Clicking a button opens a tabbed panel at the top of the page that can be used to show a variety of information. For example, you can see the page title, meta description and keywords. The h1 and h2 tags are displayed, text in bold and italics is listed, and there is a list of all the alt descriptions.

The page load time is shown, and whether there is a meta robots information. There are a few other bits of stats, and the promise of more if you pay for a premium account. It is OK, but Alternatives are better.

Meta SEO Inspector

Meta SEO inspector extension for Google Chrome

META SEO inspector is a very simple tool that displays information in the header of a web page and a few other items too.

For example, it shows the page title, meta description and meta keywords tags, site verification code, author and so on. It also lists the number of h1 and h2 tags.

The most useful feature is the warnings when things are not right. For example, if the page title is too long or if there are images without alt tag descriptions.

There is a tab that provides links to various online tools, some of which work, but others don’t (services come and go).

The extension is OK, but SEO META 1 Click does it better.


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