Beginner’s guide to basic WordPress security

Your website is under attack! You may not realise it, but malware and hackers are trying to gain access to your blog or website and you need to take action. Secure your site with this guide.

It is said that over 1,000 website domains are hacked every day and on some days it is more than 2,000. That is today, tomorrow, the day after and so on. Add that up and over a year it comes to a huge number of hacked websites.

If you have a blog or website you cannot ignore security and right from the first day that it goes live, you must make sure that it is secure from threats on the internet.

Website security is not a single thing and it consists of many factors. There are also many different levels of security and a few simple improvements to your site and the way you work will make it significantly more secure. Probably nothing can ever make a site 100% secure, but there is plenty you can do to get close or at least closer than it currently is.

These guides will keep you safe from most threats and it is the equivalent of locking the doors and windows and installing a burglar alarm in your home. They won’t 100% guarantee you won’t be broken into, but they are a very effective deterrent.

Course Contents

1 Change the WordPress admin user to something different

  • View WordPress user accounts
  • Create a new secure admin user
  • Delete the old insecure admin user

Choose secure passwords for yourself and other WordPress uses

  • Change your admin user password
  • Force strong passwords
  • Use a security plugin to check and secure passwords

3 Update WordPress, plugins and themes to maintain security

  • How to back up before updating
  • How to Update the theme
  • How to delete unused themes
  • Check and update plugins
  • Deactivate unused plugins
  • Update WordPress

4 Limit what other users can do in WordPress for extra security

  • How to restrict site members with roles
  • How to test roles and capabilities
  • How to use Role Editor WordPress plugin
  • How to use WP Front User Role Editor plugin

5 Recover from website problems with a WordPress backup

  • Manual website backups
  • Install Duplicator plugin
  • Restore a website backup

6 Increase website security with a plugin for WordPress

  • Security software for websites
  • Wordfence
  • iThemes security
  • All-in-One WP Security
  • Cerber security

7 Make your WordPress website secure and deal with threats

  • Use a CDN with WordPress
  • Restore a backup of WordPress
  • Website clean-up services

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