Automate social media sharing and updates

Step by step guides show how to use automation tools to post to social networks

Promoting websites, blogs, companies, products and services across social media takes a lot of time and effort. Cut it to a minimum by automating your social shares using these specially designed services.

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All these parts, except for the intro, contain step-by-step guides showing how to sign up to these services for free, how to create posts, schedule and automate them.

Contents in detail

Why you should automate social shares

  • What is social media automation?
  • Why do you need it?
  • Top automation services

Automate social media with Buffer

  • What does Buffer do?
  • How much does Buffer cost?
  • Create a free account at Buffer
  • Connect social accounts to Buffer
  • How to create a posting schedule
  • How to post an update using Buffer
  • Analyse the performance of social shares
  • Repost evergreen content

Automate social media with Hootsuite

  • What does Hootsuite do?
  • How much does Hootsuite cost?
  • Get a free Hootsuite account
  • How to connect social media accounts
  • How to create an update
  • How to schedule posts for later
  • How to view your scheduled posts
  • How to automate social media posting with Hootsuite

Automate social media with Recurpost

  • What is Recurpost?
  • How much does it cost?
  • Get a free Recurpost account
  • How to add social media accounts
  • How to create a library for updates
  • How to create an update
  • How to set a posting schedule

Automate Pinterest using BoardBooster

  • What does BoardBooster do?
  • How much does BoardBooster cost?
  • How does scheduling work?
  • Create a free BoardBooster account
  • Add Pinterest boards
  • Schedule your pins
  • View your board list
  • View board details and modify boards
  • How to schedule a pin

Automate social media with SocialPilot

  • What is SocialPilot?
  • How much does SocialPilot cost?
  • Create a free SocialPilot account
  • Add social media accounts to SocialPilot
  • Schedule social media updates
  • Use the Posts menu
  • Create a new post
  • Posting options
  • Manually schedule posts
  • Repeat posts
  • Manage your posting queue

Automate social media with Social Oomph

  • What is Social Oomph?
  • How much does it cost?
  • Sign up for a free account
  • Free trials and the Network menu
  • Add Twitter and other accounts
  • Manage your social accounts
  • Create an update
  • Schedule updates and recurring updates
  • View and manage updates

Automate social media with

  • What is
  • How much does cost?
  • Get a free account
  • Add your social media accounts
  • View your social media accounts
  • Set a posting schedule for each account
  • Create a new post and add it to the queue
  • View your scheduled posts

Schedule social shares with Chrome and Safari extensions

  • Add extensions to Chrome or Safari on PC/Mac
  • Add extensions to Safari on a Mac
  • browser extension
  • SocialPilot browser extension
  • Buffer browser extension


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