Add tasks to Microsoft To Do from notifications on Android phone

Microsoft To Do is a great to-do and task manager for PC, Mac, iPhone and Android phone. Make it easier to create tasks by entering them from the notifications panel on an Android phone.

Ideas can come to you at any time and Microsoft To Do is a useful place to store them. You can create lists based on a topic like Work, Personal, Project and so on. Tasks can be added to them, you can set date and time deadlines, and you can even add people to task lists for collaboration with friends or co-workers.

Suppose that you are busy using another app on your phone, like social media or email, when something comes up and you need to create a task, to-do or reminder for work or yourself. There is no need to quit the app that you are using, find the Microsoft To Do app, open it, create a task, save it, quit To Do, and then restart the original app. What a tedious process that is!

Instead, it is possible to pull down the notifications panel on the phone and to create a To Do task from there. After the task is created, you can continue with the app you were using before. The process of creating tasks and to-dos is a lot easier and a lot quicker.

This feature in Microsoft To Do is not enabled by default, so here is how to enable it and how to use it.

Enable tasks from notifications in To Do

Enable quick add notifications in Microsoft To Do Android app.
Enable Quick add notification in Microsoft To Do
  1. Open the Microsoft To Do app on your Android phone
  2. If a list shows, like My Day or Important, tap the arrow in the top left corner
  3. Press your account picture in the top left corner
  4. Press Settings
  5. Swipe up to get to the Notifications section and enable Quick add notification

That’s it, there is no save button and the option is now available. Return to the home screen on the phone or switch to another app so you can try the new feature.

Microsoft To Do in notifications

Microsoft To Do notification on an Android phone.
A Microsoft To Do permanent notification

Pull down from the top of the screen at any time and no matter what app you are using. Among the notifications is To Do Quick Add. Tap it to expand it and then tap it again to add a task to Microsoft To Do.

Add tasks to Microsoft To Do from anywhere

The screen dims and a panel opens at the bottom of the screen. Tap Add a task and it moves up to the middle the screen to enable the keyboard to be displayed.

Add a task to Microsoft To Do in the Android phone app.
Add a task in Microsoft To Do

Enter the title for the task. The up arrow button enters the task, but before pressing that, notice the toolbar below. Swipe left and right over the toolbar to reveal all of the items.

Add a task to Microsoft To Do in the Android phone app.
Define the To Do task

Press My Day or whatever list is displayed and select a different list if you prefer. Press Set due date to set a deadline for this task to be completed.

Add a task to Microsoft To Do in the Android phone app.
Set a reminder for the Microsoft To Do task

Do you need a reminder to do it? Swipe left over the toolbar and press Remind me to pick a date and time so you don’t forget it.

After setting the task options you need, press the up arrow button to save the task to Microsoft To Do. The app you were using will continue as before.

Check your tasks

The next time Microsoft To Do is opened, you will see the task that was created from the notification panel. This is a great time saver and it is quick and easy to create tasks for To Do.

Microsoft To Do app for Android phone.
Check tasks in To Do

Another way to quickly create tasks, but only from the home screen of the phone, is to press and hold on the Microsoft To Do icon.

Long press on app icons for a menu on Android phones
Long press on Microsoft To Do icon for a menu

A panel is displayed with two useful options. One is Search and the other is Add new task. This method of adding a new task is identical to using the notifications panel.

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