How to add email accounts to Yahoo Mail on your phone

See all of your email accounts in Yahoo Mail on your phone by adding extra mail accounts from Google, Outlook, and other mail services. Follow this guide to add third party email accounts.

The Yahoo Mail app for phones is not restricted to viewing only one email account and it is possible to read and send emails through multiple email accounts. You can choose which email account to view, switch between email accounts in Yahoo Mail and choose which email account to send from.

You may have a work email account and a personal email account for example. You might even have several other email accounts, like Gmail and Outlook, in addition to your Yahoo Mail account. You could have an account provided by your ISP, and so on.

Multiple email accounts can also be useful in identifying phishing, or you can avoid spam by having a friends and family only email account. I have extra accounts provided by this website for example. There are many reasons why you might have multiple email accounts.

You do not need a separate email app on your phone for each email account. One app can read all of your email, wherever it is. If you already have Yahoo Mail on your phone, you are ready to add extra accounts. If you don’t have it, install it from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store on your phone.

For this guide I will be using an Android phone running Android 12, but it does not matter. There are minimal differences between Android and iOS versions of Yahoo Mail, so if you are using an iPhone, you should still be able to follow the guide. Let’s get started.

1 Open the Yahoo Mail menu

Yahoo Mail sidebar menu on a phone: Screenshot
The Yahoo Mail menu

Open the Yahoo Mail app and press your account icon in the top left corner of the screen. This opens a menu on the left side and your email accounts are listed at the top. In the screenshot you can see I already have two accounts, so I will add a third. That is not the limit and you can add as many as you need.

Below your mail accounts are menu options and there is an option to Add another mailbox. Press it.

2 Select the mail account to add

Add an email account in Yahoo Mail app on a phone: Screenshot
Choose an email account to add

There are several predefined email account providers, like Google and Outlook, and selecting one of these makes it very easy to add an extra email mailbox to the app. I will select the hard option, Others, which enables almost any email account to be added to the app.

3 Enter your email address

Add an email account in Yahoo Mail app on a phone: Screenshot
Enter your email address

The first step is very easy and all you have to do is enter the email address of the account you want to add. In my case, I will add an email address for this website. Press the Next button after adding it.

4 Add the email server details

Configuring an email account in Yahoo Mail. Add the mail servers: Screenshot
Add the mail servers

There are two options under Server settings, IMAP and Exchange. If this is a work email account, ask an IT person at work if they use Exchange and if so, what you should enter.

IMAP works for almost every other email account and it is the option most people need. Below are two URLs, one is the IMAP address and the other is the SMTP address. The numbers on the right are port addresses. Don’t worry if this does not mean anything to you.

Every email service is different, so do not copy me! The way to find out what to enter here is by searching for the details at your email service provider. Most email services have a help page where it lists email account configuration settings for various apps. You must find this and enter the details here.

Yahoo Mail starts you off with imaps:// and smtps:// and you must add the server URLs, like and The two port numbers suggested are very common and it is unlikely to be different with your email account provider, but check them if you can.

You must dismiss the keyboard to access the Next button to continue, which is hidden by it.

5 Enter your email password

Setting up an email account in Yahoo Mail: Screenshot
Enter your email password

Now enter the password you use when you log into this email account. Yahoo Mail needs it in order to log into the mail server so that it can fetch your email. Tap Next to continue.

If you have a lot of emails in your account, it could take Yahoo Mail several minutes or longer to read them all into the app. Be patient and let it do its work. When it has finished, it will show you your inbox.

6 Access your email accounts in Yahoo Mail

Email accounts in the side menu in Yahoo Mail: Screenshot
Email accounts in Yahoo Mail

Here we are, back to the start. Press your account icon in the top left corner of the screen to open the sidebar menu and see a list of your email accounts. Tap an account to open it. You can only see emails from one account at a time.

When you create a new email or reply to one, it is sent from the email account currently selected by default. However, if you tap the cc, bcc, email address entry, it becomes separate Cc, Bcc and From fields. Tap your email address and select a different account if you want to send from a different account.

Let’s do a little customization. Press a color chip to the right of an email account in the menu.

7 Choose a color for email accounts

Customize Yahoo Mail accounts by selecting a color
Set a color for each email acocunt

To help you distinguish between email accounts and so you don’t get confused over which one you are looking at, select a color using the gadget at the bottom of the screen. Making email accounts different colors really helps.

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