About RAWinfopages

RAWinfopages is all about computers, phones, tablets, gadgets, peripherals, the internet, website building and more. Its aim is to make technology simple though tips, help, guides, and information.

Office meeting room with computer
A nice place to work – our dream office

RAWinfopages content is aimed at individuals and small businesses. It provides help, tips, solutions to problems, how-to guides, and features for using computers, peripherals and gadgets, the internet, phones, and tablets. Whether you use these for work or personal use, you will find articles here to help you get more from them.

Windows, macOS, Android and iOS platforms are covered. In addition to help and tips, there are reviews of software and online services for Windows PCs and Apple Macs, apps for smartphones and tablets, and a lot more. The aim is to make technology simple.

Who works at RAWinfopages?

Contact us regarding anything about RAWinfopages. You can also leave a message in the forums and there is a private forum for members.

Anthony Waddilove, editor: Your main contact for anything related to this website. He has been using computers, phones and the internet for many years with Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. This has enabled him to build up a good knowledge which he shares in his articles.

Roland Waddilove, tech geek: The contact for anything tech related. He is interested in computers, phones, gadgets, software, internet, WordPress, SEO and web development. Long ago he worked on computer magazines, but now he is mostly a tech writer for the web.

.com vs .co.uk

RAWinfopages can be reached on rawinfopages.com and rawinfopages.co.uk. Both sites cover the same topics, like computers, phones, and software, but all new content from Sept 2023 is published on the .com site. This site has content up to Aug 2023. The .com site is a fresh start with fresh articles.

How to contact us

Go to the Contact page for ways to contact us, including email and social media.

Image credits: Some images are from pixabay.com and unsplash.com, which are great sources of free-to-use photos and artwork. Many images are (c) Roland Waddilove and are not to be used elsewhere. Please ask if you want to use an image.