RAWinfopages is not just one website, it is several and it covers the latest computers, phones, tablets, gadgets, peripherals, the internet, website building and more.


This is rawinfopages.co.uk and it is basically RAWinfopages 2.0, which aims to improve on the original website by providing a consistent design, easier access to articles,  https security.

It provides help, tips, solutions to problems, how-to guides and features for using computers, peripherals and gadgets, the internet, phones, tablets, Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. There are also reviews of software for Windows PCs and Apple Macs, and apps for smartphones and tablets, and a lot more.

The original RAWinfopages has 1,000+ articles created over the last 4 years and is a fantastic resource, so check it out. It is divided into sections:

  • RAW Computing – Windows PC, internet, general computing
  • RAW Apps – iOS and Android phones, tablets, wearables
  • RAW Mac – Apple Mac and macOS

Who is behind RAWinfopages?

Roland WaddiloveThis website and nearly all of the articles that are featured here have been created by Roland Waddilove, a technology writer living in the UK.

He writes almost every day on a wide variety of tech subjects for the web and for print magazines.

Advertising and sponsored features

Advertising spots are available here (and on rawinfopages.com), such as in the sidebars of pages and after articles.

Sponsored posts are a good way to promote your products or services. Your article can be written for you or you can supply it ready for publishing. Contact us for more information.

Contact RAWinfopages

Roland Waddilove is the person to contact regarding anything about RAWinfopages, whether it is writing for the site, advertising, press releases and news. Use the Contact Form or any of the methods below.

Email: [email protected]
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Twitter: @rwaddilove
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Image credits

Some of the images are from pixabay.com – a great source of free photos and artwork. Go to the site and to get the original images.

Some photos are (c) Roland Waddilove and are not to be used elsewhere.